At Speed WorldWide Express, we offer a convenient and free pickup service for our customers. We understand that it can be challenging to take time out of your busy schedule to drop off a package at a shipping center, which is why we offer this service to make the shipping process as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Our free pickup service is available for international shipments. All you need to do is schedule a pickup time that is convenient for you, and our team of experts will come to your location to collect your package.

To schedule a pickup, simply contact our customer service team or use our online booking system. We will provide you with a pickup confirmation and keep you updated on the status of your shipment throughout the process.

With Speed WorldWide Express, you can rest assured that your package will be handled with care and delivered to its destination on time. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing you with the best possible service and ensuring that your shipment arrives at its destination safely and securely.

So, take advantage of our free pickup service and let us handle your shipping needs. Contact us today to schedule a pickup and experience the convenience and reliability of Speed Worldwide Express.

Why free pickup service?

A free pickup service is a convenient option offered by some couriers and logistics companies where they will come to your location to pick up your package for delivery, at no additional cost. This service is especially useful for businesses or individuals who do not have the time or resources to drop off their packages at a courier location.

With free pickup service, you can simply schedule a pickup time and location with the courier company and they will come to your door to collect your package. This can save you time and hassle, as you do not need to leave your home or office to send your package.

Many courier companies offer free pickup service as part of their standard shipping options, while others may require a minimum shipment volume or charge a fee for the service. Be sure to check with your chosen courier company to understand their specific pickup service policy.

Overall, free pickup service is a convenient and cost-effective option for shipping packages, especially for businesses or individuals with high shipping volumes or time constraints. It can help streamline the shipping process and ensure that your packages are picked up and delivered in a timely and efficient manner.